We are in a position to offer any type of Sail Repair. It is very important to keep your Sails in the best condition possible as they are there to be relied upon in the worst of weather conditions. Our highly trained staff will give you the correct advise and discuss with you what is the best type of sail Repair. Remember – small sail repair now…saves big sail repair later.

We offer all types of sail repairs:

  • Holes patched
  • Leech lines replaced
  • New Clew, Tack or Head
  • Restitch, part or complete depending on extent of UV damage and age
  • Any other type of repair
  • UV strip repair (protect your sail)
    The Recutting of an existing Sail is something we are happy to discuss with you. If you are thinking of replacing a Sail due to it’s shape rather than it’s state of repair, why not think about recutting as an option.? It can be a lot less costly than a new sail and as you the customer know what you want to achieve we can work closely together throughout the whole recutting process.


  • Restores your sails profile
  • Prolong the use of your sail
  • Saves you money!