Winter cover


These Winter Covers are designed to cover your boat from stem to stern during the harshest of weathers, when your boat is laid up for the winter months. Made from the toughest polycotton canvas, a Winter Cover offers protection to the deck area, cockpit area, freeboard area and can be designed by us to fit whether the mast is steped or not on sailing boats and can be made to fit any shape of power boat or motor cruiser. Depending on the shape or size of your boat, our Winter Covers can be made as a single item, or come in two or three pieces for easier fitting.


  • Protects your boat from long, wet and cold winters
  • Also protects from hot sunny weather if your boat is laid up
  • Allows you to work on-boardin all weathers if required
  • Protects your boat from prying eyes
  • Can be made in 1, 2 or 3 separate sections for ease of use

Tech Spec

  • Made from heavyweight polycotton canvas
  • UV stable
  • Water resistant
  • Scratch resistant