Our stac pac/Lazyjack system is very simple to use and offers complete protection to the mainsail. The Stac Pac cover itself is attached to the boom by the sailfoot bolt rope and the Lazyjacks are attached to the Stac Pac cover. The whole system has the support of full-length removable fibreglass battens housed in a pocket along the top edge of the cover. Also included is a detachable mast ‘boot’ giving that added protection to the thicker luff edge of the sail. This complete Stac Pac / Lazyjack system offers significant safety advantages when reefing or dropping the mainsail in rough conditions…..just go head to wind and drop it!!

We are also happy to quote for complete Lazyjack rigging and fitting – Please check out the Stac Pac / Lazyjack measurement form at the bottom of the page, or alternatively we are happy to visit your boat and measure for your Stac Pac / Lazyjack system.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Mainsail drops between the lazyjacks and straight into the stacpac
  • Just zip up when finished sailing
  • Great for short handed sailing
  • Protects the sail
  • No more balancing acts whilst sail flaking in high winds!

Tech Spec

  • Made from Ultra Violet Stable Acrylic canvas in a variety of colours
  • Battens to hold shape correctly and to give extra strength
  • Super strength webbing loops for lazyjack connections
  • Separate boot to fit round mast and the thick luff flakes at the end of the day
  • Lazyjacks designed with your boat in mind


Stacpac measurement form